The ‘shed series’ so far

For those who have time to kill over the long weekend, a reminder of the shed series of webinars I have done, including:

Watch in any order and watch my beard grow and shrink oddly.

Ideas as to further shedinars welcome.  The inherent jurisdiction is definitely on the cards.

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2 Replies to “The ‘shed series’ so far

  1. As you seem to be going through the roles, acts, and guidance:

    1. Relevant Person Representative.
    2. Authorizers.
    3. DOLS Forms.
    4. Safeguarding.
    5. Protective Imperative.
    6. Confidentiality.
    7. Data Protection.
    8. Transparency.
    9. Complaints.
    10. Reviews.
    11. Section 21A.
    12. Section 16.
    13. Litigation Friend.
    14. Litigant in Person.
    15. Legal Aid.
    16. Costs.

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