Whilst I am always happy to respond to comments, nothing that I say either in such responses or anywhere else on this site represents legal advice, and I cannot accept any liability for any negative consequences (of any kind) that may arise if you take action (or do not take action) upon anything that I say here.

I welcome comments, but I moderate them to seek to ensure that they are not (1) spam; (2) offensive; or (3) in breach of any court orders.  Liability is further excluded to the full extent of the law in England and Wales for any statements of any kind posted by any person other than me on this site.

Where I am the author of material on this site, I assert copyright therein.    You are very welcome to reproduce material that appears on this site, but on condition that you acknowledge its source.

Any views expressed on this site in comments on cases or anywhere else are my own.  They do not represent views of (for instance) my fellow editors of the 39 Essex Chambers Capacity Law Report unless and to the extent that they are then adopted in the report as our corporate view.  Nor do they represent the views of any party to litigation by whom I may have been or may be instructed.  I also reserve the right in any proceedings to argue the opposite to any view that I may express on this site.

Note finally that lack of time means that I do not necessarily update articles or posts on this site, so any views expressed should be taken as reflecting my understanding of the law as it stood at the date of the article/post.

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