Advance care planning – the conversation (part 1)

The palliative care consultant Dr Mark Taubert and I have recorded a two-part conversation about the interaction between law and medicine in the context of advance care planning.  Part 1, in which I put the questions to Mark, can be found here.  We discuss, in particular, common (mis)understandings about CPRs, and what doctors wished lawyers (and judges) knew.

Depending on interest, we’ll unleash Part 2, where he questions me, next week.

For those who want to know more about the law in this, you can find more here (under ‘advance care planning’).

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3 Replies to “Advance care planning – the conversation (part 1)

  1. Looking forward to the second part. Timely discussion as my mother who is resident in a care home is having a telephone discussion later this week with a Nurse who is putting together a ‘care plan’ focusing upon what she wishes to happen / not happen with regards to ‘interventions’ in the event of a critical episode. My mother is 83 and has capacity. However, she is severely hearing impaired. And with Covid-19 lock down it has been difficult to ‘have the discussion’ assist my mum to ‘prepare’, focus her thoughts on this matter in the time leading up to when she has to ‘undertake this task’. I am very concerned to ensure that she is given sufficient time during the process to ‘gather her thoughts’ ‘process’ the questions and to express herself confidently, and, importantly, to be able to say ‘No, that’s not what I meant’.

  2. Thanks for this conversation Alex and Mark. I was particularly interested in what you said about the retrospective view of a decision-making process in which the court focusses upon what happened in isolation from the clinician’s context. I’m conscious of this in leading best interests discussions where we try hard to consider a decision in a calm and rational manner while for the participants, especially relatives, the thing may be tangled up with a whole mass of other considerations. Maybe that’s the value of having someone not caught up in the emotions.
    I’m really looking forward to part two.

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