DNACPR and Advance Care Planning – getting it right

I have recorded a short video (with slides) about DNAPCR and advance care planning, in the hopes that it will assist people to get the law right in this area.

As the DHSC made clear in its Adult Social Care action plan (15 April 2020) (published subsequently to this video being recorded):

It is unacceptable for advance care plans, including Do Not Attempt Resuscitation orders, to be applied in a blanket fashion to any group of people, and the CQC have been urgently contacting providers where this practice has been brought to their attention. Everyone at risk of losing mental capacity or nearing the end of their life should be offered the opportunity and supported, if they wish, to develop advance care planning that make their wishes clear, and to make arrangements, such as lasting power of attorney for health and social care decisions, to put their affairs in order. This must always be a personalised process.  

Further resources can be found here.

[Apologies for any amateurishness – I may know the law, but technology is a challenge…]

Boring but necessary caveat: nothing in this constitutes legal advice. 

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