April Mental Capacity Law Newsletter(s)

The April issue of the Mental Capacity Law Newsletter is now out.   It has a has a new look this month, and, in a step upon which we would welcome feedback, my co-editors and I have decided to split the newsletter into five members of a family:

(1) CoP: Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty;

(2) CoP: Property and Affairs;

(3) Practice and Procedure;

(4) Capacity outside the CoP;

(5) Scotland.

For the enthusiasts, rest assured, you can get still read it cover to cover here.

As if this were not enough, we also this month offer :

(1) a guidance note on the implications of Cheshire West;

(2) a guidance note on capacity assessments;

(3) the second part of Adrian’s note on Scottish adult incapacity law;

(4) and an article by Simon Edwards on testamentary capacity and the MCA 2005.

I am now off to lie down!


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