Support Decision-Making in Practice – masterclass

I share here an invitation from the Essex Autonomy Project and Empowerment Matters for a two-day Masterclass with Cher Nicholson on 26 and 27 June in central Manchester focusing on support for decision-making, led by Cher Nicholson.

Cher is a leading advocate for disability rights and has pioneered supported decision-making in South Australia through the Supported Decision Making Project. This two-year programme considered new ways of supporting people to make decisions and looked at the practical needs that arise from providing support. Cher’s work is deeply ‘people centred’ and focuses the need for support to be not a static, theoretical exercise, but an evolving and dynamic process rooted in an individual’s needs and circumstances. Support for decision-making is a key requirement of the CRPD and there has been much discussion, both regionally and nationally, on what form this support should take. This Masterclass will introduce you to the practical model for supported decision-making which was developed by Cher and will give you tools to implement support for decision-making.  The Masterclass is limited to just 25 people and will involve discussion, practical group work and input from a peer consultant panel. It is open to anyone who would like to learn more about support for decision making.  The cost of the Masterclass is £150. For more information see the EAP website.

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