Law Commission Wills project – supplementary consultation

The Law Commission has today (5 October 2023) published Making a Will: A Supplementary Consultation Paper, together with the accompanying explanation:

Following on from our 2017 Consultation Paper, this Supplementary Consultation Paper is a re-consultation on two discrete issues: electronic wills and the rule that a marriage or civil partnership revokes an existing will. Developments since 2017 have caused us to re-examine these issues. We suspect that consultees’ views on these issues may also have shifted.

We are unaware of other developments, in the past six years, which would alter consultees’ views on the other issues we are considering within this project. Accordingly, this Supplementary Consultation Paper does not re-examine any of the other issues we considered in the 2017 Consultation Paper.

Alongside the Consultation Paper, we have published a shorter summary document. Both are available on the project webpage, available here, together with more information about the project.

The publication of the Supplementary Consultation Paper marks the opening of a period of public consultation, which will last until 5 December 2023. Written submissions to our consultation can be sent to us using the online response form, available here. Where possible, it would be helpful if this form was used. Alternatively, comments may be sent:

    • by email to; or
    • by post to Wills Team, Law Commission, 1st Floor, 52 Queen Anne’s Gate, London, SW1H 9AG.

(If you send your comments by post, it would be helpful if, whenever possible, you could also send them electronically.)

We are keen to hear the full range of views. We would welcome your submission answering as many or as few questions as you like. We would be grateful if you would share this email with any individuals or organisations who you think may be interested in our project.

For those wanting to remember what the Law Commission was consulting upon in 2017, see my post about the original consultation paper here.

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