FICM/ICS Guidance on MCA and DoLS in ICU

The Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine/Intensive Care Society have prepared summary guidance on MCA and DoLS in light of the Ferreira judgment.  A fuller discussion of the judgment and its implications will be forthcoming in the Journal of the Intensive Care Society, but in the interim this guidance outlines the key messages of the judgment and its reinforcing of the primary of the core principles of the MCA in the context of the delivery of care in the ICU setting.

Other relevant resources about Cheshire West and its implications can be found here (note that the Chief Coroner’s Guidance on DoLS available there will be updated in due course in light of the amendments to the Coroners and Justice Act 2009 to remove deaths under DoLS and the orders of the Court of Protection from the definition of ‘state detention,’ which will come into force later this year).

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