New research report: The Participation of P in Welfare Cases in the Court of Protection

A huge – and hugely impressive – report on the participation of P has just been published by Cardiff University’s team (Lucy Series, Phil Fennell and Julie Doughty) looking into welfare cases at the Court of Protection.  The report, available here, makes uncomfortable reading as regards the approach of a system which has as its focus an individual said to be of impaired capacity, but which is, in essence, designed around the needs of the professionals.  It does, however, provide a detailed evidence base and concrete proposals for reform so as to meet a ‘human rights model of participation.’   I would very strongly recommend that anyone concerned with the work, and the future, of the Court of Protection take the time to read, at a minimum, the summary and the recommendations at the outset.

[Full disclosure, I am on the advisory group for the project].

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