Remote assessments webinar

A recorded session with Lorraine Currie, Chelle Farnan and I on remote assessments (under the umbrella of the National Mental Capacity Forum) is now available here.  It looks – briefly – at the legal framework, and then gives very practical advice as to how best to achieve good results from remote/virtual assessments.   Dogs, cats, post-it notes and peas all feature.

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  1. Informative and interesting. However from a variety of viewpoints:

    1) Doing a remote assessment helps provide a check and safeguard on the potential and possibility of mistaken identity.

    2) If recorded, would allows the assessor to review perception bias, and employ appropriate technology post assessment interview.

    3) If communications are an issue, subtitles, audio volume, and software that can change the speed of the assessed speaking probably would help.

    4) Might assist recognition of those for whatever reason are unlikely to discourse with strangers, or are more comfortable with genuinely familair individuals.

    5) Provide a contrast and check with in person assessment.

    6) Doing a remote assessment has the danger of any issues in the environment cannot be perceived due to the tunnel vision of the webcam.

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