“New” Categories of Abuse: Seminar 20 May

The second of the ESRC funded ‘Safeguarding Adults and Legal Literacy’ (‘SALLY’) seminars with which I am involved investigating the impact of the Care Act 2014 will be on Friday 20 May at Bournemouth University. This seminar, entitled, ‘”New” Categories of Abuse & Neglect,’ considers the construction and conceptualisation of categories of abuse, including the inclusion in the statutory guidance of ‘new’ categories of self-neglect, domestic violence and modern slavery. Speakers for seminar two are: Professor Suzy Braye, ‘Self-neglect’, Rod Landman ‘Mate crime and self-harm’, and Professor Gary Craig ‘Modern Slavery.’

The first seminar on ‘Building the Care Act,’ was fascinating; the presentations and a report on the day can be found on the dedicated SALLY website here, where it is also possible to find out how to book for this second one..

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