Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill – more Government documents

The annexes have now appeared on the Bill documents page to the letter sent by Lord O’Shaughnessy on 24 July 2018 to peers following second reading of the Bill. They consist of:

Annex A – Law Commission recommendations and Government Responses October  (note that the Government Responses here are different to those provided in March 2018, no doubt reflecting evolution in Government thinking during the preparation of the Bill).

Annex B: Illustrative person journeys under DoLS [Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards] v Liberty Protection Safeguards

Annex C: Flow diagram representing a summary of the process in the new bill

Annex D: Mental Capacity Act 2005 – Keeling Schedule showing changes which will be effected by the Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill (in other words, the MCA as it would look if the Bill if enacted as it stood at second reading, and, as no amendments were made at the first day of Committee stage, as it stands at the date of this post, 7 October).  



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