LPS – more flesh on the timetable bones

The DHSC has published the second of its LPS updates on 28 September; it can be found here.   It includes a number of important updates, including that “to ensure that the principles of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 (‘MCA’) are embedded in LPS, the Government aims to combine the LPS Code with the updated MCA Code to produce one joint Code of Practice for public consultation in 2021.”

Many people will be most interested to see the timetable that the DHSC has set out towards April 2022 (emphasising that it is provisional and subject to change): I reproduce it here:

The newsletter also includes the first of a series of planned factsheets, this one setting out the key changes that LPS will bring.  It can be found here.

For more LPS resources, see my dedicated resources page here.

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