Law Society of England & Wales Mental Health and Disability Committee vacancies

The MHDC is recruiting for six new members to start in September 2022.   The official blurb from the Law Society website about the committee is as follows:

This committee:

  • reviews and promotes improvements in law, practice and procedure affecting disabled people, including those who have mental health needs, and people who are in vulnerable circumstances, which ensure their rights and equality of treatment under the law
  • promotes and develops legal services to people subject to the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and to people subject to the Mental Health Act 1983 and to those within the categories referred to above
  • reviews the role and operation of the Law Society Mental Health Tribunal Accreditation Scheme
  • reviews the role and operation of the Law Society MCA (Welfare) Accreditation Scheme
  • shares expertise and advises the Law Society on matters referred to above

The unofficial blurb from me (as a member) is that it is just the most inspirational group of people to work with.

For more details of eligibility and how to apply, see here.

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