International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law – further call for papers

As a member of the second editorial team of the International Journal of Mental Health and Capacity Law (ISSN: 2056-3922), I’m reproducing here the supplemental call for papers from the first editorial team.   Please consider writing for this very important new initiative.

The Journal is an open access journal, producing two editions a year. It builds on the well-reputed Journal of Mental Health Law, with a revised name to reflect a wider focus. The planned publication date for the first edition is the end of December 2015/early January 2016. We would like to receive further papers to supplement those already going through the editorial and review process. The deadline for further papers to be considered for the first edition is 30 October 2015.

We are keen to receive academic articles, practice points, case notes and reports of research of around 5000 words, covering topics at the intersection between law, mental health and mental capacity, both the civil and criminal aspects of this. If a longer article is required, we will also consider articles of up to 10,000 words. A double blind peer review process will be used.

The editorial team for the first edition are Professor Jill Stavert, Director of the Centre for Mental Health and Incapacity Law, Rights and Policy at Edinburgh Napier University; Dr Giles Newton-Howes, consultant psychiatrist and senior lecturer at the University of Otago; Dr Piers Gooding, research associate at the Hallmark Disability Research Initiative and Melbourne Social Equity Institute, University of Melbourne; and Simon Burrows, barrister at Kings Chambers, Manchester, and Mental Health Tribunal Judge.

Please consult our About the Journal and Author Guidelines when preparing your submission.


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