Essex Autonomy Project research opportunities

The Essex Autonomy Project is currently accepting applications to fill two full-time, fixed-term post-doctoral research positions.:

  • One is on the fantastic * Mental Health and Justice Project. Details of the position can be found here; in brief, the postholder will provide research support for a project focusing on the clinical concept of “insight” (roughly: self-awareness of illness or impairment) in legal and administrative proceedings in which patient rights are adjudicated.
  • The other is on the equally fantastic,* new,  project Human Rights in Care Homes, funded by the AHRC under the UKRI COVID-19 Rapid Response funding scheme.   Details of the position can be found here.  

Due to a number of external constraints, the window for applications in this round is short: applications are due by 29 October, 2020.  Qualified applicants are welcome to submit applications for both positions.

* Full disclosure: I am entirely biased because I am involved in both projects.

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