DOLS – £25m one-off funding assistance for LAs announced

The Minister for Care and Support, Norman Lamb MP, has today announced that the Department of Health will provide local authorities with a one-off (non-ring-fenced) non-recurrent contribution to the cost of DoLS of £25m for the upcoming financial year (2015/16).   In his most recent letter to MCA-DOLS leads, available here, Niall Fry, Policy Lead at DH on the MCA and DOLS, notes that DH will be asking local authorities to make short returns to the Department as to how this additional funding is used – “which will provide an opportunity for determining best practice on use of the DoLS and gathering more information on the benefits use of DoLS has had for service users.”   The letter also highlights upcoming developments in relation to DOLS, including the guidance to which I have contributed, and which should be available on the Law Society website within the next week (and will be covered in our next Newsletter).

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