December Newsletters now not only out but accessible

Apologies – a technical glitch earlier meant readers could not access the newsletters; this has now been resolved.    I am now re-posting so that those who received an update from my site earlier are now able rapidly to access the newsletters.

The December Mental Capacity Law Newsletters are now out.  Highlights this month in a bumper set include:

  1. In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Newsletter: landmark best interests and capacity decisions in the medical treatment sphere, more on the cross-over between the MHA and the MCA, forced marriage, and the CQC’s latest DOLS report;
  2. In the Property and Affairs Newsletter: gratuitous care, conflicts of interest and the OPG’s new guidance on safeguarding;
  3. In the Practice and Procedure Newsletter: a very important decision on fact-finding (and when it is and is not necessary), and guidance – by analogy – from the Supreme Court on the ‘urgency’ cross-border jurisdiction of the Court of Protection;
  4. In the Capacity outside the COP Newsletter: DNACPRs notices and capacity, a College of Police Consultation on Mental Health practice, a coroner fully grasping capacity, the inaugural UK Mental Disability Law Conference and a book corner;
  5. In the Scotland Newsletter: important amendments to the Education (Scotland) Bill, an important – and troubling – judicial review decision on ordinary residence in the cross-border context and guidance from the MWC on hidden surveillance.

The editorial team are taking a break over the holiday period so (those of you who get them) happy holidays, and the Newsletters will return in February from our new COP Towers in Chancery Lane.   I have no doubt that any cases of burning importance in the interim will somehow find their way onto this site in the interim..

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