Assisted Dying for Terminally Ill Adults (Scotland) Bill – an annotated version with notes and questions

From the perspective of an informed, and very interested, English outsider, I have produced an annotated version of the Member’s Bill introduced last month into the Scottish Parliament. It highlights a number of specific points which may not be obvious on a plain reading of the Bill, and asks a number of questions about particular issues which I suggest need to be considered, even at this early stage.

I should emphasise that I have produced this with a view to informing, rather than lobbying. I have very clear views about whether or not assisted dying / assisted suicide should be made legal, but I am equally clear that this is a matter for the respective legislatures in the different parts of the United Kingdom.  For those who want to be able to look behind the headlines in order to be able to think things through for themselves, I have also done this video.

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