The MCA 2005 Ten Years On – Medical Law Review special issue published

A special (open-access) issue of the Medical Law Review has just been published, based upon papers delivered at a conference held by the University of Liverpool last summer.

Highlights include:

Editorial: The Mental Capacity Act 2005—Ten Years On: Amel Alghrani, Paula Case and John Fanning

Best Interests in the Mental Capacity Act: Time to Say Goodbye?: Mary Donnelly

Litigation Friends or Foes? Representation of ‘P’ Before the Court of Protection: Alexander Ruck Keene, Peter Bartlett and Neil Allen

Dangerous Liaisons? Psychiatry and Law in the Court of Protection—Expert Discourses of ‘Insight’ (and ‘Compliance’): Paula Case

The Implications of Meno’s Paradox for the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Paul Skowron

Mental Capacity Law, Autonomy, and Best Interests: an Argument for Conceptual and Practical Clarity in the Court of Protection: John Coggon

Continuities of Risk in the Era of the Mental Capacity Act: John Fanning



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