Revised help with Court of Protection fees process

A revised COP44A Help with fees application, and COP44B guidance notes have been published and are to be used with effect from Monday 12th February 2024. There will be a transition period between Monday 12th February 2024 until Thursday 29th February 2024 where old paper or digital applications will be accepted, however any applications received whether digitally or in paper form received by the Court from Friday 1st March onwards will be rejected, and returned to the sender for the new version of the form to be completed.

Under the updated scheme, there are quite a few changes to how applications are processed by courts and tribunals, learning from the court’s experience of dealing with these applications over the years. These changes are needed to ensure timely, accurate decisions and these will be followed nationally. Some of the key changes are:

  • Applications must be submitted to the court or tribunal within 28 days of an online Help with Fees reference code being generated or, for paper applications, within 28 days of the application being signed.
  • Where the application is either not submitted within this timescale, completed incorrectly, has key information missing, or if the deadline to provide requested evidence is missed, it will be rejected and a fresh application will be required within the relevant time limits. You must therefore ensure you read the contents of the form and guidance carefully before completing your application and that accurate and up to date information is provided. This will help to reduce delays and time taken to process your application.
  • If you are a legal representative or litigation friend and you believe your client is eligible for Help with Fees, you should ensure the application is completed fully to reduce the need for any further queries.
  • Applicants retain the right to appeal the court’s decisions based on the information they provided on the application which they believe makes them eligible for Help with Fees support. If you need to provide new information to the court or tribunal, this will require a new application.
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