New podcast from 39 Essex Chambers: Everyone’s Business – a safeguarding podcast

Everyone’s Business is a safeguarding podcast, which explores interesting and unique perspectives in respect of safeguarding children and adults at risk. The series is part of 39 Essex Chambers’ Public Law Podcast and features guests who can offer exceptional insights into the subject.

This ambitious mini-series, a project developed by Ian Brownhill, runs for ten episodes over summer 2022. From safeguarding in Esports to the role of the Safeguarding Adults Board, there’s something for everyone.

The guests are experts in their field and each episode is chockfull of advice and opinion.

In this first episode which is released today, Ian asks, ‘Is safeguarding trendy?’. He explores the role that trends have in safeguarding in sport, statutory services and beyond.

You can listen to the first episode here, where you can also subscribe to our Public Law Podcast on iTunes and Spotify.

Follow this series on Twitter: Everyone’s Business: A Safeguarding Podcast.

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