National Mental Capacity Forum – Chair’s report

The fourth annual report by the Chair of the NMCF, Baroness Ilora Finlay, was published on 12 August.  Had I not run out of time before downing tools for a break. I would have recorded a ‘walkthrough’ of it – and I may still do when I get back – because it contains such a wealth of important material.  I would urge you read, at a minimum, the executive summary, but, in particular, I would draw attention to:

(1) the ‘audit’ of the effectiveness of the response to the challenge laid down by the House of Lords Select Committee in its 2014 post-legislative scrutiny report on the MCA 2005, showing that progress has been made and identifying continuing areas for focus;

(2) the survey of awareness of key aspects of the MCA conducted by the Forum in late 2019; and

(3) the reflections upon the ‘[rapid reaction’ webinars held by the NMCF to respond to Coronavirus (available here), which not only serve as a snapshot of very specific points in the evolution of the pandemic, but also lay down markers for work that has to be done to secure the rights of those with impaired decision-making capacity going forward in the new and complex world in which we are living.


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