Metacognition, insight and mental capacity

In this “in conversation with” Dr Steve Fleming, a cognitive neuroscientist and psychologist, we dig into the concept of metacognition and how work being done in the lab may start to shed light on the contested concepts of insight and decision-making capacity.

For more about the Mental Health and Justice Project, see here. and for the article on advice taking as a bridge between neuroscience and mental capacity that we discuss, led on by Elisa van der Plas, see here

Boring but necessary caveat, nothing here constitutes legal advice.

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One Reply to “Metacognition, insight and mental capacity”

  1. Great to see the scientific and legal perspectives coming together! I think the big differences between the lab tasks and everyday decisions are (1) in everyday life there are no objectively ‘right’ answers, just answers that are better or worse and (2) the person cares about outcomes in everyday life in a way that they won’t care about how many dots are actually in the box in the lab task (though they may care whether they get it right). So there are subjective and affective dimensions to decision-making in everyday life that don’t appear to have been captured (yet) by the lab research. But it’s fascinating to see the progress they’re making.

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