Mental Health Act review supporting documents

The supporting materials for the review of the MHA 1983 that reported in December last year have now been published. They include, in particular, the reports of the topic groups that were convened to address specific issues, which will give a greater understanding of how those groups reached their provisional recommendations, recommendations which then informed the ultimate report. Even where recommendations did not make the final cull required to try and bring the total number down to an even vaguely manageable number and/or were not adopted in the form proposed by the topic group, that they are now recorded here will serve as a useful resource for the future. A good example of this being the Annex to the tribunal report, starting at pp 209, setting out recommendations in relation to tribunal practice and procedure.

At the same time, the opportunity was also taken to correct a glitch with annex B to the report, which has now been replaced with the fuller discussion of the relevant international human rights obligations in play that should originally have been there.

We now await the full government response to the recommendations, the commitment already having been made to bring forward legislation when Parliamentary time allows, and the recommendations about advance choice documents and nominated persons already having been accepted.

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