LPS and MCA Code consultation – video Q&As

[Update – a further video can be found here, on a page which has all four together]

Thanks very much to everyone who sent in questions.  I have done three videos trying to answer them.   If there are more, I’m happy to try to do another!  (Questions to alex.ruckkeene@39essex.com – not via social media, not least as I’m still enjoying the silence not being on Twitter).

I have recorded three separate ones.   The first is one clarifying points about the consultation and giving some thoughts about parts of the Code which people have suggested are not clear.

The second video is about parts of the Code which people have made clear they don’t agree with.

The third, for true enthusiasts, gets into some complicated questions put by people about the Code.

Important caveats: none of these represent legal advice, and all of them represent my own view.

My rapid reaction overview of the LPS consultation is here, and my (updated) LPS resources page is here.

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