July Mental Capacity Reports now out

Welcome to the July 2017 Mental Capacity Reports. 

Highlights this month include:

(1) In the Health, Welfare and Deprivation of Liberty Report: important decisions grappling with the meaning of best interests in the contexts of religious practices and delusional beliefs, and (finally) detailed statistics about s.21A/Re X cases; 

(2) In the Property and Affairs Report: a new approach to severance and gifts; 

(3) In the Practice and Procedure Report: changes to – and extension of the scope of – the Transparency Pilot and comments sought on a mediation pilot project; 

(4) In the Wider Context Report: post-PJ problems, problems with care homes and capacity assessments and are moves really under way to change mental health laws?; 

(5) In the Scotland Report: draft rules from Strathclyde Sheriff’s Court concerning AWI applications.

All of them are available here.

We are taking a break from editorial duties over summer, but will be back in early September.  I will also provide updates on truly critical matters here. 

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