Fees increase in the Court of Protection

With effect from 1 May 2024, the fee for making an application in the Court of Protection will rise from £371 to £408, and the appeal fee from £234 to £257.

The Court and Tribunal Fees (Miscellaneous Amendments) Order 2024 also corrects some errors, including in the Court of Protection Fees Order 2007.  As the Explanatory Memorandum notes:

Paragraph 14(3)(b) in Schedule 2 to the Court of Protection Fees Order 2007 deals with the calculation of a party’s disposable capital and gross monthly income for the purposes of calculating entitlement to fee remissions. Mistakenly, paragraph 14(3)(b) fails to specify that the gross monthly income of ‘P’ (the protected party) is to be treated as the gross monthly income of the party, in proceedings brought concerning the property and affairs of a P. This amendment will correct this oversight.

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  1. Thanks, Alex RK, for the update on the Court of Protection fee changes. It’s essential to keep informed about these adjustments as they impact access to legal processes. The corrections to the 2007 Fees Order also sound like a crucial step towards fairness in fee remission calculations. Staying on top of these changes ensures that those in need of the Court’s services can plan accordingly. Here’s hoping that the fee increases will be accompanied by improvements that benefit users of the court. Denizli Avukat ‍⚖️ #CourtOfProtection #LegalFeesUpdate #AccessToJustice

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