Essex Autonomy Project Summer School 2022

Early Registration for the 2022 Autonomy Summer School (Social Care and Human Rights), to be held between 27 and 29 July 2022, closes on 20 April.    To register, visit the Summer School page on the Autonomy Project website and follow the registration link.
Programme Update:
The programme for the Summer School is now beginning to come together.  As well as three distinguished keynote speakers (Michael BACH, Peter BERESFORD and Victoria JOFFE), Wayne Martin and his team will be be joined by a number of friends of the Autonomy Project who are directly involved in developing and delivering policy to advance human rights in care settings.   These include (affiliations for identification purposes only):
> Arun CHOPRA, Medical Director, Mental Welfare Commission for Scotland
> Karen CHUMBLEY, Clinical Lead for End-of-Life Care, Suffolk and North-East Essex NHS Integrated Care System
> Caoimhe GLEESON, Programme Manager, National Office for Human Rights and Equality Policy, Health Service Executive, Republic of Ireland
> Patricia RICKARD-CLARKE, Chair of Safeguarding Ireland, Deputy Chair of Sage Advocacy
Planned Summer School Sessions Include:
>  Speech and Language Therapy as a Human Rights Mechanism
>  Complex Communication:  Barriers, Facilitators and Ethical Considerations in Autism, Stroke and TBI
>  Respect for Human Rights in End-of-Life Care Planning
>  Enabling the Dignity of Risk in Everyday Practice
>  Care, Consent and the Limits of Co-Production in Involuntary Settings

The 2022 Summer School will be held once again in person only, on the grounds of the Wivenhoe House Hotel and Conference Centre.   The programme is designed to allow ample time for discussion and debate, and for the kind of interdisciplinary collaboration that has been the hallmark of past Autonomy Summer Schools.   Questions should be addressed to:

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