Deprivation of Liberty – towards the Liberty Protection Safeguards conference 8 December

  1. There is a second outing coming up in December for a conference in London, chaired by me, looking both at where we might be going on the mental capacity reform project, and what we can, and, should, be  doing in the interim.  A wide range of really excellent speakers (and me) will consider, amongst other matters:
  • DOLS: Learning from a personal perspective
  • Towards the Liberty Protection Safeguards: The Law Commission’s DoLS Review: The Final Report, Recommendations and Draft Bill
  • Liberty Protection Safeguards: Ensuring effective use and compliance with the recommendations in practice (as well as what to do in the meantime)
  •  DoLS and Intensive Care
  • The bigger picture: Ethical issues and difficult decisions and discussions
  • Ensuring effective outcomes: The Supervisory Body – Assessments and Authorisations
  • Best Interest Assessment Practice
  • Monitoring the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards

For more details, and to book, see here.


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