Court of Protection Handbook 4th edition – almost here

Shameless self-promotion alert: the fourth edition of the Legal Action Group Court of Protection Handbook is now available to pre-order, and will be available next week.   It is edited by me, and written with Kate Edwards, Sophy Miles and Nicola Mackintosh QC (Hon) (and also includes my daughter’s first design credit as chooser of the cover colour).

The Court of Protection Handbook addresses in detail the practice and processes of the Court of Protection – across the whole range of its work – in terms that are aimed not only at lawyers but also to the increasing numbers of people who either by choice or otherwise are involved in proceedings before the Court of Protection without legal help.

The book begins with a chapter (new for this edition) called “we are not ‘Ps’ we are people”, then provides an authoritative overview of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Court of Protection, before turning to a step-by-step guide through the processes of making an application, funding and representation issues, preparing for and appearing at hearings, evidence, costs, enforcement and appeals. Specific areas such as medical treatment cases and those concerning deprivation of liberty get their own, dedicated, chapters and new for this edition is a chapter about how the courts respond to those who have capacity but are considered vulnerable.

Don’t forget, the Handbook is supported by a website where you will find links to relevant statutory materials and other guidance that space precluded us from including in the appendices, precedent orders covering most of the most common situations that arise before the Court, useful (free) web resources, and updates on practice and procedure before the Court of Protection.

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