COP Transparency Pilot

In preparation for the Court of Protection Transparency Pilot, please see this announcement on the Judicial Office website.   The pilot, currently scheduled to come into effect in January 2016, will mean, whilst it runs, that the Court of Protection will normally direct that all of its hearings will be in public and make an anonymity order to protect the people involved (i.e. aligning them with the position that currently prevails only in relation to serious medical treatment cases).

All those practising in/concerned with the COP need to be aware of the provisions of the pilot.  For my part, subject to proper assessment of its success (or otherwise), it seems to me that this is an invaluable opportunity to actually get evidence as to the merits (or otherwise) of transparency, as opposed to relying upon hunches.  

Watch this space for more details (the draft PD, template order and background note are included alongside the announcement). 

[disclaimer: I am a member of the Rules Committee; these views are expressed in my personal capacity]






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